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scuba dive online
Course structure one

Time saver option

Short on time? Complete most of the PADI IDC curriculum during live online presentations over seven days in three hour blocks on a time table designed to fit in with your schedule.

When you come to the Dominican Republic all you have to complete is the confined water, openwater, classroom presentations and EFR instructor rating, which will be structured over 8 days.

Total cost including all PADI fees and materials US$3,500

Course structure two

Full time option

Complete the entire PADI IDC in the Dominican Republic over 15 days. The entire curriculum will be presented in our 5 star PADI IDC centre located in Bayahibe, Dominican Republic

The PADI curriculum as well as confined water, open water and EFR instructor program will be taught at our facility in Bayahibe.

Total cost ​​US$3,500








Highlighted workshops and presentations can be presented via live online presentations.


Dive Theory Workshop

PADI System Workshop

Learning and Teaching Workshop

Discover Scuba Diving Workshop

PADI Openwater Diver Course Set up and Scheduling Workshop

Risk Management Workshop

Knowledge Development Presentations Workshop

Candidate Knowledge Development Presentations - Open Water, Con-ed Rescue and DM, No PLG

Confined Water Training Workshop

Candidate Confined Water Teaching Presentations - Dry

Candidate Confined Water Teaching Presentations - Wet

Skill Development Workshop

Open Water Training Workshop

Candidate Open Water Teaching Presentations - Dry

Candidate Open Water Teaching Presentations - Wet

Continuing Education Workshop

Advanced Open Water Diver Workshop

Rescue Diver Workshop

Sales Techniques Workshop

Course Closure



Confined water teaching presentations

Perform all 24 dive skills (Skill circuit)

Rescue workshop

Skill demonstration workshop

400 meter swim

10 minute tread water

Discover Scuba Diving workshop


5 point descend workshop

CESA workshop

Lift bag workshop

Openwater presentations with integrated open water teaching

Rescue workshop including:

Rescue exercise 7

Surfacing an unresponsive diver

First aid and oxygen workshop

Continuing education workshop

Deep dive workshop

Discover Scuba Diving workshop

Curriculum - classroom

Dive theory covers physics, physiology, recreational dive planner, equipment, skills & environment.

The classroom curriculum teaches you to understand the PADI educational system and challenges you to think like an instructor applying good judgement to planning dive activities.

Knowledge development sessions introduce you to prepare classroom lectures in a fun, structured, easy to follow format making you a better instructor.

dive shop

Curriculum - confined water

Confined water presentations are designed to teach you how to introduce and teach skills students need to master in order to learn to scuba dive.

You will learn how to describe skills, demonstrate dive skills, look out for common mistakes made by students and most importantly ensure your students can master everything in confined water before proceeding to the open water.

pool training

The 24 PADI dive skills of the skill circuit are:

Have a pool or body of water, then prepare yourself for the PADI skill circuit.

I urge you to work on your buoyancy, especially that hover... Check out the videos below to show you what a demonstration quality dive skill looks like. You are exaggerating the skill so that your student sees everything broken down into sub-skills to master the dive skill.

The skill circuit is listed below:

  • Equipment assembly, adjustment, preparation, donning and disassembly

  • Pre dive safety check (BWRAF)

  • Deep water entry

  • Buoyancy check at surface

  • Snorkel to regulator & regulator to snorkel exchange

  • Five point descent (SORTED)

  • Regulator recovery and clearing

  • Mask removal, replacement and clearing

  • Air depletion exercise and alternate air source use (stationary)

  • Alternate air source ascent

  • Free flowing regulator breathing

  • Neutral buoyancy, using both methods oral & low pressure inflation

  • Five point ascent

  • Controlled emergency swimming ascent (CESA)

  • Hover motionless for 30 seconds

  • Underwater swim without mask

  • Remove & replace weight system underwater

  • Remove & replace scuba unit underwater

  • Remove & replace scuba unit on the surface

  • Remove & replace weight system on the surface

  • Head-first surface dive, snorkel out of mouth

  • Disconnect low-pressure inflator

  • Re-secure a loose cylinder band

  • Perform an emergency weight drop

Curriculum - open water

Open water presentations are designed to show that you have the control required to teach students in the ocean ensuring students meet performance requirements.

You will learn how to conduct the required skills for the open water, advanced rescue and divemaster courses, giving you the confidence to be able to teach all PADI courses.


Start dive theory today

Want to start your PADI IDC today without having to pay a thing? Jump over to my dive theory eLearning site and use code " huy47hgt " to access the sessions for free.

This eLearning covers dive physics, physiology, recreational dive planner, dive equipment as well as skills & environment.

Take advantage of this offer and start your journey to become a PADI OWSI today.

study scuba online


Instructor Exam pass guarantee

Nitrox, Deep, Wreck, O2 & Boat specialty instructor ratings (PADI fees are not included)

Introduction to free diving

Marine life knowledge course

Exclusive dive theory elearning




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