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The PADI buddy check - BWRAF

Updated: Feb 9

BWRAF – it’s a SCUBA diving thing

From the first day your learned to scuba dive you were told about the buddy check. But how do you remember what to check for. Well, that is where the acronym of BWRAF comes into play

The official PADI acronym is:

Begin With Review And Friend, (BWRAF)

This stands for checking the BCD, Weights, Releases, Air and Final Check.

Different versions of the acronym are:

Burgers With Relish And Fries

Burgers With Really Awesome Fries

Buddy Will Rip Away Facemask

Breathing Water Really Ain’t Fun

Bruce Willis Ruins All Films… or you can replace ruins with rocks

Big White Rabbits Are Fluffy

Beer, Whiskey, Rum And Friends

Babies With Rashes Are Fussy Barf Will Really Attract Fish Barry White Records Are Funky Beans With Rice and Fish Because We Really Aren’t Fish Big Whales Really Are Fun

Because We Really Are Friends

Bunnies Will Run Away Fast

Being Wary Reduces All Failures

Blue Whales Really Are Fat

There are many more versions of this acronym which are not so politically correct. In order to keep with the professional in the PROFESSIONAL Association of Dive Instructors. To tease you somewhat they involve baby wipes, women, Bangkok and rattlesnakes

Most dive accidents can be avoided and with the use of a quick buddy check you will prevent issues to happen. Here is what it stands for:

B – Check your buddy’s B.C.D (Buoyancy Control Device) Check that the low-pressure inflator hose is connected and that it inflates and deflates.

W – Check your buddy has their weight belt on, right hand release and that the weights are evenly distributed or make yourself familiar with their integrated weights in the BCD

R – Check your buddy’s releases on their BCD. Are they all done up and placed correctly? Check the release on the back of the scuba tank to ensure the tank is securely fastened.

A – Check your buddy’s air… Is the tank full, does the needle move when your buddy is breathing from the regulator? If so, the scuba tank may not be opened all the way. Familiarize yourself with and recognize the location of your buddy’s alternate air source

F – The final check, have all your equipment ready, such as mask, snorkel and fins, perhaps you are taking an underwater camera? Are you and your buddy ready for the dive, mentally and physically?

German / Deutsch - Taucher Brauchen Saubere Luft (Divers need clean air)

T - Tarierweste überprüfen.

B - Bleigurt dabei und geht nach rechts auf

S - Schnallen und verschlüsse sind fest

L - Luft ist im tank, der Tank ist voll und auch auf

OK - Wir haben die ABC Ausrüstung, Maske, Schnorchel und Flossen und sind bereit den Tauchgang zu machen.

French / Française – Donnez les boissons aux grenouilles. DLBAG (Give the frogs something to drink)

D – Direct système (BCD/inflator mechanism)

L – Lest (Weights)

B – Boucles (Releases)

A – Air (Air)

G – OK général (final OK)


G - GIllet or Boué (BCD)

A - Air (Air)

L - Lestage (weights)

L - Laragage (release mechanism)

O - OK

Spanish / Español - Cada Persona Trabaja Ayudando a Otros. CPTAO (Every person works to help others)

C – Chaleco (BCD)

P – Plomos (Weights)

T – Tiras (Releases)

A – Aire (Air)

OK – Ok final!

Dutch / Nederlands - Vlugge Leerling Schiet Lekker Op. VLSLO (Quick learner Hurry Up)

V - Vest (BCD)

L - Lood (Led)

S - Sluitingen (Clips)

L - Lucht (Air)

O - Overig (Other)

Danish / Deens - Vandet Bølger Let Hen Over os VBLHO (The water flows gently over us)

V - Vandet (BCD)

B - Bly (Led)

L - Luft (Air)

H - Hurtigspænder (Releases)

O - Ok

Italian / Italiano - Guarda Sempre Come Siamo Organizzati GSCSO (Always See How We Are Organised)

G - Gav

S - Sistema di zavorra

C - Chiusure (clips)

S - Sistema d'aria

O - Ok finale

Hungarian / Magyar - MÓRLO

M - Mellény (BCD)

Ó - Ólom (Weigths)

R - Rögzítések (Releases)

L - Levegő (Air)

O - Ok (Finally ok)

Polish / Polski - KOKOS

K - Kamizelka (BCD)

O - Obciążenie (Weights)

K - Klamry (Releases)

O - Oddychanie (Air)

S - Sygnał OK. (Ok)

Swedish / Svenska - BRAVO


R - Remmar (Straps)

A - Andning (Breath)

V - Vikt (Weight)

O - OK (Ok)

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